In-Line network tester for LAN management with active and passive troubleshooting capabilities for Ethernet connectivity and cabling issues in multi-media environments including copper,fibre and WiFi.


Navitek II

Advanced wiremapping and versatile for troubleshooting and maintenance of active and passive networks across both copper and fibre.
Support for IPv6 and PoE.


UniPRO MGig1 & SEL1

Carrier-grade Ethernet tester & Intelligent loopback device.
Designed for full Ethernet testing of carrier service turn-up, mobile backhaul link, microwave and wireless link.



Test wiring configuration on UTP and STP.
Check for shorts, miss wires, reversals and split pairs .
Debug feature, automatic shut-off and low battery LED indicator .


Trend MC2+ XDSL Tester Tester & Meters Electrical
Lantek II

Cable Certifier
Meets the requirements of copper and fiber optics installers.
Choose from three models:
350 MHz - Categoría 6/Clase E
500 MHz - Categoría 6A/Clase EA
1000MHz - Categoría 7A/Clase FA

Signaltek II

Cable and Network Transmission Tester. Designed to confirm correct installation of copper and fibre cabling capable of supporting voice, video, data and CCTV applications over 10/100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet.



Voice, Video and Cable Verifier
With comprehensive details on faults such as opens, shorts, crossovers and split pairs, VDV II identifies wiring errors instantly.


UniPRO Gbis GSHDSLTester

Physical tests of the copper pairs.
G.SHDSL Synchronisation tests.
Measurement of G.SHDSL performance.
ATM / EFM Encapsulation /Bonding.
Up to 4 pairs G.SHDSL /G.SHDSLbis.


OTDR CCTV/Security Precision Wire Stripping