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Designed to test IP forwarding devices that deliver video, VoIP, data services and business VPNs. It is used in "out-of-service" lab environments to test network components at real-world scale.



IxCatapult is capable of simulating virtually any network node, and multiple nodes simultaneously. It can represent both properly functioning devices and misbehaving devices.


Anue 3500

Intuitive test case driven solution that you can use to validate the performance of synchronization services and Carrier Ethernet functions required by next generation carrier grade Ethernet/IP based networks.


Test Conductor Enables Centralized Automation

Test Conductor is a complete multivendor test automation framework for IP network testing teams. It's easy-to-learn and use testing environment covers every aspect of test automation.



Designed to test network infrastructure, capacity, scalability, and convergence using its scaled protocol emulation and ViperCore technology.



IxVeriWave solutions represent the industry gold standard in testing Wi-Fi performance and site readiness throughout design, development, and deployment.


Anue Network Emulators

Ixia Anue Network Emulators precisely emulate real-world network impairment conditions– in the lab– for the test and validation of your network-based products, applications and services prior to deployment.


AIxGreen™ Effective Energy Efficiency Measurements - IP Networks

The industry's first fully integrated "green" test and measurement solution allows the measurement of a device's energy consumption at various load conditions utilizing real-world application traffic profiles.